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Wow, I didn't know salted eggs are made this way. Your pictures are wonderful!


Now I wonder how the salted eggs made with this method compare with those made with other methods, like immersing in a supersaturated salt solution. Would they be saltier, tastier?


I love salted eggs and I've been wondering how they are made and now I know. Thanks for this informative piece

Otto K.

You have such a great eye for documenting these things, Sidney.

eric aka senor enrique

So, this is how they process wholesale saled eggs. My aunt in Subic used to just dig a hole in ground and bury some eggs. After a week they become salted eggs!

Don't forget to feature the egg that Ivan introduced us to during the food wok in Binondo :)


It really is cool to be on the inside with you like this.


Wow. It's just amazing to see this, and it is obvious that your subjects are very comfortable with you. Great series!


i love salted egg and also century egg...

but am not sure after looking at these pictures...hehehehehhe

very good shot and stories on how those are made....

an asian delicacy...


"Excellent! Is this a Holga shot?"

it's a camphone shot.

holga? i wish! haha!


Ces oeufs demandent une grande préparation et beaucoup d'attention pour leur salubrité.



How did you manage to find such amazing places for photo documentary Sidney?



what interesting things I would never know with out visiting this site


The really good ones have a greasy core with a sandy texture. :)


To answer Shari's question, I think one has to go back into the earlier of issue of this series. It was explained there that salted egg has to be red to distinguish it from fresh egg :)


Fascinating process and some great photos. Thanks

Gérard Méry

The eggs thus cooked do not try me


seems one heck of a long drawn out process just to cook an egg! i suppose i'll just have to try one to see if it's worth the effort!

navin harish

Interesting and time consuming process


Have you ever asked why salted eggs have to be red? :D


glad to learn more.... with these series.. i have no idea this was the process... i only know.. they have to dye it. hehe

Toxic Lens

These guys have some serious muscles, especially considering they handle delicate eggs all day. I think I'm in the wrong profession.


This is a great series. I always learn new things when I visit your blog.

I like salted duck eggs better than salted chicken eggs. The salted duck eggs are more tasty and when you open it, there's some oil that makes it really appetizing.


well, as they say, no food is free of dirt. at some point, we eat every bacteria that comes with it, including the hands that make them.

is it necessary to take off your shirt when working? why must men continue to do that! it's not sexy at all.


i like salted eggs especially if used as garnishing in enseymada.


Thanks for a great series - always something to learn here.

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